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Follower of God. Food enthusiast. Semiprofessional shower singer. My hobbies include writing, softball, being awesome, poking things with a stick, and watching Dance Moms.

Mostly a Fanfiction blog, but I do post some other things. Cause I do what I want.

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Fighting the Stars (A Jack Harries FanFiction) by Alyssa Taylor

I was never one to believe in fairytales. I never believed that one person could change your life. I was the girl who did things herself, because she had to. I was the girl everyone thought was perfect. Look at her, little Miss Sophie Caliway, the beauty with the rich parents and big house. But they never even thought into why I wore long sleeves in the middle of summer. This is a story about how a single person took everything I’d ever known, and threw it behind me. This is about the person who saw me as I really am. This is about the one person who did change my life. Even when I told them not to.

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